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Addition/Remodel Plan Special

  • Up to 500 sq. ft. : $800.00*
  • Up to 800 sq. ft. : $1000.00*


 Detached Garage & Barn Special

  • Up to 800 sq. ft. : $600.00*
  • Up to 2000 sq. ft. : $1000.00*


Construction drawings include Base Site Plan, Floor Plan, Electrical Layout, Building Sections, Foundation Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Cal Fire Requirements, Truss Calculations, and General Notes. Includes 2 copies of plans.

 Additional Services Available:

  • Energy Compliance Forms: $185.00
  • Consultation/Site Visit: $50.00/hr
  • Permit Processing: $250.00 (Building Department Only)
  • Structural Engineering: Varies (Price deteremined on complexity)
  • Reproduction: $1/Sheet


*Base price for 1-story, concrete slab, pre-manufactured truss roof system, and conventional construction per 2010 CBC located in San Luis Obispo County. City municipalities slightly higher. 

Price does not include: topographic surverying, grading/drainage plan, soils reports, permit fees, landscape plan, color board, review committee meetings, miscellaneous reports that may be required by the Planning Building Department.


"On Time Service"