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805 237-3746

Office Hours

We are open during the following hours:


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Monday - Friday)


(And by appointment)

Individualized Services

Computer aided drafting

My company services, like most drafting companies offer the following:

  • New homes, including model tract homes w/ options for new developments.
  • Additions/Remodels/Code enforcements.
  • Stock plans for sale (additional charges for modifications may apply).
  • Landscape Plan and Color Boards.
  • Color renderings (floor plan & exterior elevations)
  • Minor Tenant Improvements.
  • Energy Compliance Forms (Title 24)
  • Design consultation.
  • Development/Architectural review committee meetings.
  • Permit application and permit processing with local planning/building jurisdictions.
  • On-line research of technical specifications, installation and data of building products.
  • Low Impact design features.
  • Reproduction/copies and Digital Formatting.



The cost of a typical set construction documents and the supporting documents, including the number of copies  required for initial permit application, varies.  Depending upon the complexity of the structure, it's location, type of construction, and required drawing for a particular building jurisdiction, it is difficult to quote a standard price for construction drawings.  However, as a general rule, all building departments will request construction drawings and energy compliance forms, if applicable.  I highly recommend contacting us directly in order to obtain an accurate bid to prepare all the required drawings and supporting documents required for your area.    Plan check comments from the building department only, are included in the price. They may be additional charges for corrections requested by other departments such as Public Works (utilities), Engineering (Grading), Planning,  etc.  

Additional Services

Additional items that may be required to submit with initial permit application to the planning/building department ,but not prepared/included by NRB Drafting Services, Inc., include the following:

  • Structural Engineering calculations
  • Soils reports (geotechnical/percolation/etc.)
  • Grading/Drainage/Erosion control Plans
  • HVAC Layout/Plumbing Plan
  • Recycling Forms
  • Land Surveying
  • Truss Calculations
  • Fire Sprinkler Plans
  • Interior elevations
  • Permit fees